Kootenai County Commissioner District 2

Greg Delavan

Kootenai County is in a financial crisis! Our budget has ballooned from $81 million three years ago to over $101 million now. That is over a 25% increase in the Kootenai County budget. 

At the same time the incumbent Commissioners have recklessly spent our county savings, reducing our fund balance reserves from $37 million to $7 million. 


This is unsustainable! If something is not done to change the direction there will have to be a massive property tax increase. Property taxes could increase by over 20% by taking the maximum allowable by law. 


I’m running for County Commissioner because the incumbent commissioner, Chris Fillios has stated that he has no problem taking forgone taxes to raise property taxes. I think that is unacceptable and I have a plan to do something about it. 


My name is Greg Delavan and I’m running for County Commission seat for District 2. Many of you remember me in my former role for 22 years as the airport director. I understand and have proven my ability to run a multi-million dollar County budget using fiscal restraint. 


Every candidate wants you to believe that they will contain expenses but I have a proven record. For example, General Aviation Airports have a goal of self-sufficiency, which is rarely achieved. We met that goal during my time as Director by controlling expenses. My last year managing the airport was 2016 with an operating budget of $822K. The 2019 airport budget was $1.14 million, which is a 38% increase in 3 short years! It now operates at a deficit because expenses have not been contained. 


I have the skills, knowledge and proven track record to bring fiscal accountability and restraint to this and the other budgets in Kootenai County, and with your support I will do just that. 


The incumbent would have you believe that he has reduced taxes because the tax rate is down slightly. His claims are misleading since most assessed values have increased by a greater margin and thus your tax bill is actually higher. This is very dangerous for property owners, especially seniors, who may be taxed out of their homes. Have you seen your tax bill go down in the last 3 years? Of course not! Do you want to see your property taxes skyrocket because of this reckless spending by the commissioners? Only your vote can stop this! 


I’m a lifelong resident of North Idaho. My family has been here since the 1800s. Preserving our natural resources and our rural lifestyle is critical for the future of Kootenai County. Protecting our private property rights is important to me and that’s why I’ve been the President of the Coeur d’Alene Lakeshore Property Owners Association for 20+years. 


I intend to do my part to leave a well-run County with pristine lakes and rivers and a robust economy for my children and yours. 


I ask for your support,

Greg Delavan

Join Us.

Support the Greg Delavan for Kootenai County Commissioner District #2, to preserve North Idaho Conservative Values.